Fashion Impacts 101

An educational video series, designed to unlock and accelerate learning about sustainable fashion.

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Introduction to Sustainable Fashion

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Fashion’s Waste Problem

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The Secret Lives of Clothes

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How Much Pollution Are You Wearing?

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How to Design for Sustainability

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Who is Responsible for Sustainable Fashion?

About the Series

RCGD Global and Fashion Takes Action have partnered to deliver an educational digital series to introduce sustainable fashion within schools. 

The series educates young minds, educators and citizens about the problems that are plaguing the fashion industry, and the various ways it can transform, to create a positive impact. This free resource will allow teachers to share with their students so they can learn about the many negative impacts facing the fashion industry. And then, based on interest, they can choose to engage in our more in-depth workshops that have been designed to empower young people with the tools and solutions to be more responsible consumers.

Through the animated content, complete with infographics, we provide an interactive learning forum with a focus on topics such as sustainable supply chains, climate change, biodiversity protection, activism, human rights, circular economy and waste. Viewers will learn about zero-waste designs and material innovation, and will be able to identify who is responsible for fashion’s footprint.

Student & Teacher Testimonials

About FTA

Fashion Takes Action (FTA) is a non-profit organization established in 2007 to advance sustainability in the entire fashion system – those who make, sell, buy, wear, dispose, reuse, repair, and recycle clothing! Our role is to remove barriers to sustainability through education, awareness, research and collaboration.

In 2014 FTA launched My Clothes My World, a youth program for students in grades 4-12, that educates and empowers them with the tools and resources to shift toward more conscious behaviour. Connecting with young people before they are out in the world buying clothes, is the key to long term behaviour change.

About RCGD Global

RCGD Global is a women-led global change-making organization bringing environmental and social sustainability to the forefront of conversation and action within the global apparel and design industry. From our Red Carpet Green Dress™ initiative in partnership with the Annual Academy Awards collaborating with global and small independent brands, across to partnerships delivering sustainable design solutions, we focus on people-centric values and intelligent design systems.

Our educational work with youth and the emerging design community includes workshops, internships and work experience, and design contest initiatives, while our R&D division innovates circular design solutions including regenerative materials!

From the Series

Eva Kruse
Nikki Reed
Tati Gabrielle
Autumn Peltier
Sanah Sharma
Maeve Galvin
Maya Penn


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